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Designers and Creatives: How to Talk to the Press

Learn how to build more effective relationships with the press, whether you're a designer/creative starting out, someone with more experience or a design/creative business owner.

This condensed one hour thirty minute course will provide you with the skills and confidence to pitch to a magazine, write the perfect press release, give interviews and raise your profile in an efficient way without spending money on a PR agency.


On the day you'll be taken through a live online session as part of a small group.


Scott Leslie, Industrial Design Consultancy: "Thanks for changing how we work. After one session of Tom's 'How to Talk to the Press', we feel invigorated in our attempt to attract large publications to our work. I would highly recommend his course to any agency who's looking to improve their relationships with magazines and press."

Nathalie Crease, Fiasco Design: "Being individually responsible for agency PR can feel quite daunting, and when you're faced with radio silence - really quite frustrating but this session broke it down into actionable things I can put into practise immediately. Having insight from Tom was hugely valuable and it's definitely given me lots to consider."

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